Shave Ice ... the coolest thing in the Mile High City!

trailerAbout Aloha Shave Ice Co.

Aloha Shave Ice Co. is a Denver based company that markets Hawaiian Style Shave Ice.  Originally from Hawai'i, the Aki family's mission is to show the Mile High City the difference between true Hawaiian Shave Ice and a Snow Cone.  Hawaiian Shave Ice is shaped just like a Snow Cone, but that is where the similarity ends.  A Snow Cone has "crushed" ice which is covered with a thin, watery syrup that immediately sinks to the bottom of the cone.  In contrast, Hawaiian Style Shave Ice is produced by turning a block of ice at 250 rpm's against a specially designed steel blade, shaving thin sheets of ice from the block.  The result is similar to fresh, fallen snow.  The shave ice is gently filled into a cone and then shaped into a mound about six to eight inches in height.  The thick Hawaiian syrups are formulated to actually be suspended in the ice and they do not quickly settle to the bottom of the cone.  There are 20 tantalizing flavors available.  Customers have the option of creating their own "RAINBOW" of colors by selecting three different flavors.   Each time you visit, you can try a new combination - there are 1,140 possible combinations to choose from! 

For an extra special treat, add one scoop of vanilla ice cream to the bottom of your cone or add a cream topping to make a "volcano."

History of Shave Ice

Shave Ice originated in China where hand tools were used to shave blocks of ice.  The Shave Ice was served in small bowls and covered with sweet, delectable syrups.  Around the turn of the century, the Japanese invented a more efficient, manually operated ice shaver to create fine textured ice.  The Japanese call this dessert, kakigori.

Shave Ice is served as a dessert throughout Asia topped with sweet syrups, fresh fruits, beans, and much more.  Different Asian countries put their own twist on this simple dessert.  For instance, the Thai call their dessert, Na Kang Sai.  They add such items as black sticky rice, taro, and coconut milk, a few of over 20 mixings found beneath the Shave Ice.  In Korea, they call their version, Bingsu, and add toppings such as sweet red beans, canned fruit, and soybean powder.

When the Japanese plantation workers immigrated to Hawai'i to work at the sugar cane and pineapple fields, Shave Ice quickly became an every day treat.  Over time, the local Hawaiians merged tropical flavored syrups with additional toppings such as condensed milk and mochi balls.  Beneath the Shave Ice, vanilla ice cream and azuki beans (Japanese sweet beans) were also added.  The Shave Ice dessert rapidly became an island tradition.  Independent Shave Ice concessions are widespread throughout the island chains.  

Tourists from all parts of the world flock to Hawai'i to taste the delicious amalgam of flavors; ice cream, sweet syrup, fine ice.   Now, tourists and locals in Colorado don't have to travel to Hawai'i to taste the local Hawaiian treat.  Enjoy Hawaiian Style Shave Ice from Aloha Shave Ice Co.  Taste the sweet flavor of the islands at one of our upcoming events

Aloha Shave Ice

Famous Residents

Did you know the following people have called Hawai`i home at one point?

Barack Obama - President
Steve Case - Former AOL CEO
Better Midler - Singer
Kelly Preston - Actress
Akebono - Sumo Wrestler
Don Ho - Singer
Kelly Hu - Actress/Miss Teen USA 1985
Carrie Ann Inaba - Actress/Choreographer
Jack Johnson - Singer
Brian Clay - Olympic Athlete
Brook Lee - Miss Universe 1997
Ellison Onizuka - Astronaut
Michelle Wie - Golfer
BJ Penn - UFC Fighter
Nicole Kidman - Actress
Tia Carrere - Actress
Duane "Dog" Chapman - Bounty Hunter
Roy Yamaguchi - Chef
Father Damien - Missionary